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Crabmeat Stuffed Tomatoes


Difficulty: ................. beginners
Preparation: ............ about 30 minutes
Servings: ................. 1-2


beefsteak tomato
gruyere cheese
sour cream and mayonnaise
thyme and basil
parmesan cheese
bread crumbs
cayenne pepper
jumbo lump crab meat


1. Cut off the core of the tomato. Now, cut it diagonally. Cut out the innings of the tomato.
2. On a baking dish, put on it a foil. Put some olive oil. Put the tomatoes and season some sea salt and pepper.
3. On another bowl, put the crab meat, pepper, mixed herbs, sour cream and mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, some of the bread crumbs, little sriracha, and salt and pepper. Mix them up.
4. Put the crab meat mixture on top of the tomatoes. Put some gruyere cheese on top. Put it on a 375 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.